Many Thanks to The Owner of The Home Inspector Experts

There are many things we do in Inner City Lubbock that has helped to shine the light for many kids. Most importantly, we have kept to our mission based on the support that we receive from well-meaning individuals. Among the recent donations that we received, one of them needs a notable mention. This is not so much about the amount that was involved but in the story behind the donation. We heartily appreciate the Long Island home inspection company; the Home Inspector Experts for their recent donation. Their contribution to our project is not only timely but entrenches the values that we are about.

I remember how Kevin Lipp, the Manager of the Long Island home inspection company, see his business here, began his career as a Home inspector. This was no surprise because back in those days, the Lubbock community was different from what we have today. The kids were always willing to come around those that would impart knowledge to them.
Kevin was a member of the Boys Scout and showed a lot of discipline and focus with each project he handled. One of the striking moments was the day he saved part of his pocket money to support some of the charities in Lubbock.

A picture of the home inspector who made the generous donationThis made it obvious that this was a person that had a large heart. I felt he would have gone the part of doing some Humanitarian service or working in the Medical field but he chose a different path. Kevin began to work as a Home Inspector with Lubbock Inspections and made huge marks in that establishment. The beauty of his story was everyone could relate to him as a model for the younger ones in Lubbock. Kevin’s career growth became a shining light that brought hope and succor to others.

It must be mentioned that the Home Inspection industry was not as robust as it is today. However, Kevin helped to build an industry which is highly regarded and professional recognized today. Most individuals bloom in the latter part of their life but this young man was bent on making a mark even from his childhood days. As he rose in his career, he made a move to the Long Island home inspection company which was a smart move. His rise to the managerial position gave him the opportunity to live true to the ideals that is dear to the heart of every well-meaning individual.

Success has never come in a better way for Kevin than doing what he loves and giving back to the community. His story is a pointer to the fact that people can become a source of hope to their world when they make up their minds to do so. Every second that I spent with Kevin when he came with his team to make the donation at Inner City, Lubbock, would be cherished for a long time. This would make it easy to show the younger ones that they can live their dreams and bless their world. With the traits that Kevin possesses, there would be many other laudable accomplishments in his career in the coming days.

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Bringing Hope to Troubled Kids

HopeThere is a growing need to reach the troubled Kids in our society. Most individuals are quick to write off such individuals, but I do not totally agree with such stance. I was a troubled Kid when I was growing up and this could be tied to my dysfunctional home. I can trade blames on what made me to have such a troubled childhood, but my joy was that I rose above it. I kept filling my mind with success stories from the Huffington post. Each article brought a lease of hope to my soul. I may not have understood all the details, but I knew that light was springing up in my heart.


As I grew older, it dawned on me that I had a strong entrepreneurial drive. This led me to start searching for information that would guide me on the best way to go. My lucky day came when I discovered I knew that if the business I was about to start would succeed I have to follow a well worked path. I devoured all the information I could find on Blog. It was a time of great insights and learning which shaped me to become who I am today.


This has made me constantly recommend that teenagers and young adults work for someone most of the year and start a seasonal business. This helps them gain the skills they need to succeed in a bigger space. Business has many turns and can be quite rewarding for those who know how to navigate the tides. The false belief that most Entrepreneurs did not work for anyone is not so true. Most people gain the strength and character they need by learning the ropes from someone who is ahead of them.


Interestingly, there is a great article just published about just this subject at It can be a good place to start your quest to build that dream organization. I believe that the facts shared in this article are easy to apply to your business situation. It would be a great delight to read your success story in the near future.

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How I Ventured in Bail Bond Business in Lubbock, Texas

 Bail Bonds in El Paso Texas

Throughout my childhood, I never thought I would be a bail bondsman. In fact, I didn’t imagine myself in such a position even for a second. Maybe that was because I was one of those kids who would hesitate for a moment then murmur something like “I… uh…uh.. I don’t know” when asked what their passion was. Well, right now, almost a decade later, I am deeply absorbed in the business and I don’t even contemplate quitting.

My life as a kid was quite a difficult one. Being the only son of a single mom who struggled to pay her bills from the meager wages she collected from three jobs, I barely made it through the junior high school. I made a lot of sacrifices and forewent the little luxuries. Worse still, I had to stay out of school for long periods of time thanks to the financial constraints. I naturally look older than my age and the procrastination in my studies made me look way too mature for my grade.

I was eighteen already when I finally graduated from junior high school. Mom’s financial situation got worse and I couldn’t proceed to to the next level so I stayed home idle 24/7 for a month. All that while, I managed to suppress the urge to join the street but the pressure kept piling. The boredom plus pressure from my peers who had dropped out of school finally got the better part of me and within no time, drugs, illegal firearms and crime formed part and parcel of my life.

One Friday evening as we were celebrating my friend’s birthday party, the worst thing of my life happened. The cops came from nowhere and started searching everybody as if they knew exactly what was going on. Three of my friends were caught with coke. At the time of police invasion, the four of us were seated together laughing out aloud at our own jokes. The fun was short lived. Needless to say, I was also arrested. The fact that I was not in actual possession of any drug at the moment was immaterial.

This was the lowest point of my life. I had never been confronted by police about anything let alone arrested before. “How couldn’t you see this coming?”, my subconscious wondered. Saying the cell was hell is an understatement. I thought I had to get out of there. But how? Mother couldn’t raise the bail price, no doubt. For the first time in a long time I prayed promising God that if He got me out of that situation then I would never mess with my life again. I meant it.

Mother later narrated to me how she got saddened by the news of my arrest. Fortunately, she knew a bail bondsman. However, she couldn’t even raise the $ 5,000 non-refundable down payment so she had to borrow a significant portion of the sum. The lender was a tight friend of hers, she said. Poor mom. She earned everybody’s respect through hard work and her straight-forward character. I hated myself for making her clean my mess.

To shorten the long story, God answered my prayer. Through mom and the bail bondsman, I got what I was dying for at that particular moment; freedom from the cells. It is then that I learned how important the role of bail bondmen was. I wanted to be one. 

When I got acquitted of the joint charge of possession of narcotic drugs, the urge to become a bail bondsman was boiling within me. I had to give back by helping other kids in situations akin to the one I underwent. I told mom about it and she got impressed by the determination she saw in my eyes. Mom knew me well enough to tell when I am serious.

Getting the diploma certificate was not any easier. My high school experience was even worse. Mom and I were broke but I did everything to make this a success, just like she did. I started writing online and I took like a thousand paid surveys to make ends meet.

When I finally qualified to work as a bail bondsman, I got my feet wet by serving a bails bond company for four good years. Empowered by my past ordeal, I worked with enthusiasm. During that period, I saved enough money to start my own company Lubbock bail bond Company. I attribute the success of my company to my clients who know my background very well. I derive my pride from clients who reform, making my lips curve into a job-well-done smile.

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Organizations We Cherish and Believe In

Lubbock ministries logo

We love Lubbock, Tx and all the people in it and we are thankful that ministries like the Lubbock inner city ministries is available to all of us. No matter what we have going on in life and no matter what we have to deal with it is very nice and reassuring to know that there are always people that are here for us. Below is a short message about the Lubbock inner city ministry.

Lubbock Inner City Ministries is coalition of people, churches and organizations whose purpose is to carry out the mission of Jesus among the poor in Lubbock, TX. Recognizing that poverty is much more than having empty pockets, our mission is to provide compassionate care for those struggling in all kinds of poverty – economic, educational, social, physical, spiritual, etc. In order to meet these needs we are calling on our community as a whole to unite – to notice the forgotten, to become mentors, counsellors and family, to share our resources (food, clothing, medical care, shelter, etc), and to pray for abundant life to permeate our streets!

Their Story…

In October of 2008, a group of about 350 people from churches and other groups all over Lubbock gathered at the Mahon Library to ask God to provide shelter for the homeless of our city. We witnessed the Kingdom that night as rich and poor, educated and uneducated, grandmothers and prostitutes, CEOs and crack-addicts all spent the night, side-by-side, proclaiming the unity designed for all humanity. We asked God, our churches and our community to notice and respond to the need for a homeless shelter. However, to date no such facility or property has become available. So on November 1st we decided to continue the prayer vigil EVERY NIGHT at Carpenter’s church. Since then we have invited our homeless friends and people from all over Lubbock to join us each night in prayer, asking God to shelter us from the elements. And God is answering our prayers in creative and amazing ways!


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